A new approach to transformation of industries, assets and places.

Placelink® is a web platform that enables asset owners, communities, and expert advisors to align adaptation and sustainability investments to the unique conditions and priorities of a place. Our first industry solution, Placelink® for Agriculture, is tailored to support engagement between primary producers, their advisors, and technical communities of practice to improve resilience, sustainability and emissions reduction practices across the agriculture sector.

Manage asset transformations

Users can utilise proven resources and initiatives to affect change on economic and natural capital assets, allowing for direct feedback to initiative designers and communities of practice.

Communities of practice

Placelink® provides a unique and dynamic environment that enables expert groups to collaborate, design, deploy and monitor practices against real world asset transformations.

Material risk reporting

Third-party verification of ESG practices against target outcomes and results, allowing boards confidence in identification and reporting of place-specific material risks and initiatives taken to mitigate.

Is Placelink® an application?

Placelink® is software infrastructure developed following Web3 principles of distributed, open and interoperable. Placelink® is a data engine for managing sustainability transformation of assets and facilitating engagement between asset owners, technical advisors, and communities of practice that develop methods or initiatives to affect change on assets. The Placelink® data engine allows modelling and transition management of real-world economic and natural capital assets in the context of the place where they exist. Placelink® can act as a sophisticated content management system, and enables developers to create new web applications using content contextualised for place.

What information is stored?

Placelink® retains personal information to the extent of identifying account holders for secure logins. Users may create and publish time-series performance data of assets, for example technical parameters of soils in a paddock. Placelink® offers users a choice over what information is private and what is shared with selected technical advisors and communities of practice. Implementations are hosted on the most secure cloud computing environment available today. Our cloud partner’s infrastructure is built to satisfy the security requirements for the military, global banks, and other high-sensitivity organisations, supporting 98 security standards and compliance certifications.

What is the cost?

The Placelink® infrastructure is designed to provide services to end-users free of charge. Value added applications developed on Placelink® may offer premium services to end-users. Premium services do not affect user access to the core functions of Placelink® and access to services are subject to terms and conditions of the value added application developer, as agreed with the end-user. As a content management solution Placelink® is licenced under agreement to application developers, businesses or public organisations for development of industry specific solutions.


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